You’ve spent weeks, if not months, remodeling your home, but if you don’t do this last thing, you might regret it.

Too often we see homeowners in East Texas take their home and do an overhaul, no matter if it’s building their dream kitchen, master suite or a total remodel. But there’s one most common overlooked step after paying attention to all the details along the way.

When you replace, upgrade much of your home with nicer finish work, cabinets, flooring, windows, appliances, tile etc., you’ve increased the value of your home. in doing so, That means your homeowner’s insurance policy needs to be updated and remodeled too!

Download your free SIG policy remodel checklist here to know what to do next.

After all the planning, designing, shopping and building, the last thing you want is for some unforeseen event occur and damage or destroy all of the upgrades and you not be compensated because your policy was based on the old home and not the new.

At SIG, one of the greatest perks having us work for you, is we put your priorities first, and shop the widest network of insurance companies to find the right policy that meets your coverage and budget.

Not sure if your current policy has been updated, DOWNLOAD THIS CHECKLIST HERE & find out. Don’t worry, its 100% free.

FYI – Do You Have A Current Home Inventory Form filled out that has all of your current items from furniture, heirlooms, appliances, keep-sakes, clothing, nicknacks listed as a quick reference? Click HERE to download our organized template. Simply download and print and update, then you’re all set.