Why Keeping A Home Inventory Is Important!

Your homeowners insurance provides coverage for the structure and contents of your home, up to the limit you selected with your insurance agent. In the event of a covered loss, you would be expected to provide a list of all of your personal property that was damaged or stolen, along with its estimated value and age at the time of loss.

This is important for your policy provider to properly calculate the current value of your loss and know how much your claim settlement will be. But without a current Home Inventory that is itemized, you end up trying to remember everything you owned and lost, then scour for receipts or purchase value let alone the date those items were purchased.

If a loss occurred today, would you be able to compile such a list? Would you trust yourself to remember every item in your home and the approximate value of each item?

A Current Home Inventory Can Speed Up The Claims Process!

Even for the strongest person, that would be a daunting task to accomplish accurately during an emotionally tough time facing loss, no matter any cause.

By keeping a current and accurate inventory including proof of ownership at the time of a loss can make the claim settlement process easier and faster for you and for your insurance policy provider.

Organization is key, so we took the liberty of creating a simple document you can download and print to begin filling out.

Get Your FREE Copy of the SIG Home Inventory Form

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If you have any questions at all, we are always happy to take your phone call and answer any questions you may have, even if you are not an SIG customer. We simply want to help you before something happens. And trust us, we hope you never need to use it. But at least you are prepared if you do.

At SIG, helping our community is what we do, and that means helping you.

FYI – Have You Remodeled Any Room(s) in Your Home? Have you had your homeowner’s insurance policy updated to reflect your improvements? If not, that could pose a problem. Download your free SIG policy remodel checklist here to know what to do next.