Meet Doug. He is the agent with crazy skills.

Proud to be a Local Boy
of Marshall, Texas


“I love this area. I think there is so much to love about our area, the Ark-La-Tex. Nearby floats one of the prettiest lakes ever – Caddo Lake. Marshall is a great little town. I love the small town cheesy stuff. When you go to one of our parades, half the town is there; the other half is in the parade. You can still let your kids run and play. When I move from here, it will be six feet down. Many of my prayers focus on being a better person – a better dad, husband, neighbor, and insurance person. With that thought in mind: my kids like me, my wife has not left, the neighbors wave, we have more clients today than we had yesterday, and I know Jesus loves me. About now, a few of you are probably suggesting I spend a little time praying for writing skills!”

– Doug

I am very proud
to be an insurance agent

I work long, hard hours and, for the most part, I enjoy every day. My motto is: Monday is the best day of the week because you have all week to work. Friday is a sad day because the workweek is over. I started working in the insurance industry in 2000 and opened my own agency in 2004. In a separate section, I spend a great deal more time on our agency mission and history.

I am smart enough to know how dumb I am

I like details but love the big picture

I am a serious guy who is always looking for the humor in life

I will stop and ask for directions, but I love the sights discovered when lost

“Some assembly required” is music to my ears

The glass is always half full

“It is what it is…” stumbles out of my mouth daily

I am an ok guy
and very good artist

Something completely out of left field: I am a very good artist. I have painted seriously since the age of eleven. In fact, I have a master’s level degree in studio art. How did I get from the studio to an insurance agency? It is a long story. Short version: my family is first, second, and last on my list of priorities. The insurance business allows me to provide for them.

Talking about oneself is tough stuff. I think it is hard to do it within the parameters of this format. I think what is important that you know about me is this: I am an okay guy and a very good agent, who works hard to discover the very best price and protection for your needs. I think there is so much more to your insurance policy than, “sign here, here, and here and your down payment is…” Bottom line: We try to take the cussing and fussing out of insurance, especially when it comes to claims.

Lastly, if you are still reading, then you are someone I want to meet, and I would very much like to help you with your insurance needs.



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