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      Property Insurance Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be!


      Did you know that Property Insurance is a broad term used to describe Homeowners Insurance, Condo Unitowners Insurance, Renters Insurance as well as more specialized policies for Manufactured Homeowners Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance, Personal Articles Insurance, Boat and RV Insurance as well as Flood Insurance?

      Now, it’s important to remember that property insurance does not cover absolutely everything, especially cheap insurance policies. In fact, it probably covers a lot less than you may think.

      For instance, a homeowners insurance policy can cover traditional things like your garage, but the boat, ATV and car you have parked in it will need their own policies. Did you know that?

      If you bought the cheapest Homeowners Insurance policy or any one of the many Property Insurance policies, which so many do, chances are come claim time, your policy could be leaving you sinking without a paddle. Honestly, we don’t want that to happen because we’ve seen far too many be left hanging by a cheap insurance policy.

      Great News For YOU though! By asking a few more questions, SIG Insurance Services can make sure your property is properly covered, so that you won’t have so many questions at claim time.