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    Getting Behind The 8 Ball

    If you are like me, and bless your heart if you are, you remember a time when you shook the Magic 8 Ball and asked it some real important questions. And if you are REALLY like me, and didn’t like the first answer, you shook it again – harder and longer – until it gave you the answer you wanted. Well, you know by the price of a Magic 8 Ball that it is not a real good indicator of life’s future.

    Besides, how fun would life be if the Magic 8 Ball had all the answers? The funny thing about discussing life is sooner or later, we always end up talking about its end – whether it is mine or yours. That’s just human nature. Why do you think we tend to read more obituaries than birth announcements? The longer you live, the more aware you become of life’s limits. There is really no way to know how much time we have – only that it is limited. But before you dig out your 8 ball and dust if off and ask, “When?,” I suggest you instead ask yourself, “What will my family do if I die today?” Okay, I know the article just got a little heavy, but bear with me because it does get better.

    If you were to die today, would your family suffer greatly
    emotionally and/or financially?

    Without consulting the Magic 8 Ball, we know the answer to the first part of my question – of course your family would be emotionally devastated. Nevertheless, tears, time, and the loving support of others will eventually lessen your family’s emotional loss.

    The second part of my question is what I believe you need to concern your self with. When you die, your paycheck stops but the bills sure don’t. Unfortunately, all too often the financial burden your family faces with the loss of your income and what it provided becomes the center of your family loss. I honestly believe one of the best things you can do is ensure that your family has a secure future, even if you don’t. Life insurance may not dry your family’s tears, but it can fill their pocket with much-needed financial support.

    You and I both know that someone has at some point tried to sell you a life insurance policy. My question to you is, did they take the time to determine your needs? Just as important, did you take the time to learn what your potential needs were and how best to cover them?

    Unfortunately, many times we life insurance agents start discussing term length and premium price quotes without taking the effort to get to know you. Then others of us try to make it such an involved process that the number and depth of questions leave you feeling dazed and confused. Left feeling uncomfortable and fed up with the entire process, you default to taking no action because, after all, not making a change is easier. Can I get an amen?

    Okay, so we know where you are, and unfortunately we know where you are going to end up, right? Let’s take some time to determine what you can do to plan for the inevitable. Here is what I recommend: First, find an agent who will answer the first two questions of the preceding paragraph without turning into either of the two types of agents I described.

    If you don’t know such an agent, then please give me a ring. I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and help you design a plan to protect your family upon your departure. You might be surprised how inexpensive it is compared to the real expense of not having a plan or one that does not meet your family’s needs. True, it may cost more than a Magic 8 ball; but if you don’t have life insurance coverage, you may very well put your family behind the 8 ball.